Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What are your earliest garden memories?

When I was little, I thought my mother was magic. She could make snapdragons talk and see faces in violas and tell me their stories. She could also tell my fortune in broccoli, which would only come true if I ate it but that’s a whole different story. Violas are still my favorite flower and Viola walteri 'Silver Gem' introduced by North Creek Nurseries is my new crush.

The silver-gray foliage stays clean and subtly beautiful all season long.

Our living table brings these little gems up to eye level. Planted here with other spring flowering natives such as Trillium and Houstonia - quaker ladies.

The tiny purple flowers are good enough to eat!

Many thanks to our friend Ellen Wells from Flower Ink for featuring ‘Silver Gem’ last week. Here’s the link: you won’t want to miss here blog!

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