Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Certified Wildlife Habitat

Would you like to turn your backyard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat?

It’s not as difficult as you might think. The Certified Wildlife Habitat program from the National Wildlife Federation is an effort to empower people to take action to conserve and restore wildlife and the natural world. It’s no secret that loss of habitat is putting pressure on all wildlife but you can make a difference. By providing the four basic elements that wildlife needs to survive you can create a wildlife friendly oasis.

·       Food – You can feed birds, butterflies and other wildlife their natural diet by planting native plants that deliver nectar, seeds, fruits and berries.
·       Water – You will be amazed at how much life water will bring to your garden. You may want to think about installing a water feature. A birdbath works well too.
·       Cover – Animals need a place to get out of inclement weather and to hide from predators. Evergreen shrubs provide shelter all year. A rock or brush pile in a quite corner of the yard provides a safe haven.
·       A Place to Raise their Young – Nesting boxes, dense shrubs and trees all help wildlife to find a safe nesting site.

You can join the 157,000 other households that have certified their gardens by registering at the NWF. You can also click on this link for more tips and ideas.  When you certify you will receive a certificate to proudly share and a year’s subscription to National Wildlife magazine.

In 2005, American Beauties Native Plants joined together in partnership to help further the mission of National Wildlife Federation.  With the support of American Beauties over $19,000 has been donated to NWF to date!  These funds help support NWF’s conservation work all across America. Every time you buy an American Beauties Native Plant a portion of the proceeds goes to support the NWF.

Bringing Life to your Garden!
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