Wednesday, May 28, 2014

North South East and West – Native Plants are Always Best!

I’ve been following the work of the Pollinator Partnership for some time now. They offer an incredible amount of information, over 1000pages but, it’s the quality of their work that blows my mind. If I had to recommend just one thing from this vast resource it would be their Planting Guides – Selecting Plants for Pollinators. They contain everything you need to know about attracting pollinators. Since climate, geography, etc. don’t follow state lines; they’ve taken a more thoughtful and accurate approach and divided the country into ecoregions.  Click on this link to find out what your ecoregion is and to download your FREE guide. The following is a note to welcome you to the Pollinator Partnership from their Executive Director, Laurie Davies Adams. According to her "Planting American Beauties Native Plants is a great way to start helping pollinators!"

Ecoregion Guide
 "Welcome to Pollinator Week!  Bees, butterflies, bats, birds, beetles – all the wonderful pollinating animals that do so much to support our health and well-being through agriculture and ecosystem services are in need of your immediate attention!  Please take a moment to consider all the wonderful benefits we get from this unseen army of workers who bring us the most nutrient rich foods humans need to thrive! 

What can you do?  Plant habitat for pollinators in your garden, farm, school, place of worship, golf course, place of business, Local Park – in fact, every outdoor space can contribute its SHARE to the pollinator cause.  Please visit the nearly 1000 pages of information at the Pollinator Partnership web site to find all the support materials you need.  And if you can, support our work by telling your friends, making a donation or working with youth with our free online curricula or BeeSmart™ School Garden Kit – all will make a “pollinator difference” on the American landscape.  Get out there and plant (both ideas and seedlings) for pollinators. "Planting American Beauties Native Plants is a great way to start!"
Laurie Davies Adams, Executive Director, Pollinator Partnership

Get involved

Supporting Pollinator Week is simple since they have created all the materials you need.

Bringing Life to Your Garden!
Have fun out there, Peggy Anne

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