Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top Trends in Fashion 2013/2014 – the Color Clash!

You might be wondering what fashion has to do with horticulture but believe me, we are all ruled by fashion whether we know it or not. Plants go in and out of fashion as fast as hem lines. Popular colors influence how you decorate your home and what color accents you bring in. While attending the Independent Garden Center trade show (Horticulture’s Fashion Week) in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, deeply saturated colors were everywhere.

Straight from the catwalks to your garden center, bold colors are what’s happening. I’m sure you’ve noticed the influx of strong color at the garden centers. For me it started with the red, yellow and blue tomato cages a couple years back. Manufacturers are adding strong pops of color to everything from tools to pot wrap to furniture. Emerald the “it” color of 2013, is now joined by the elegant Linden Green, bold Mykonos Blue, exotic Acai, spirited Samba, dazzling Koi not to mention the unruly and wild Vivacious.

If I buy a koi-colored hose, a samba watering can and acai gardening boots will they go out of style? Probably, but I don’t care. Bright colors make me smile and in my backyard I rule the runway.

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Have fun out there!
Peggy Anne