Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BeeSmart Pollinator Guide

There’s an App for That!

I broke down and bought a smart phone a year or so ago but I never really got into getting all the apps. Technology and I are reluctant partners and I really just wanted it to be a telephone and a way to check my email on the go. But, I have to admit that this new app from the Pollinator Partnership
 Is pretty cool.

It’s called BeeSmartPollinator Gardener. It’s a comprehensive guide to help you select plants that attract pollinators specific to your area. They have a database with nearly 1000 pollinator friendly plants native to the United States. It includes a range of plants from perennials to trees. You can search for a specific pollinator like butterflies or bats and drill down to search by flower color, soil type and more.

It gets even better. Once you’ve created a list of plants you want, you can bring your phone to the garden center and never forget what you were looking for. You can use the free Catch app and add text, pictures and voice recordings to your plant notes. You can also use Catch to start a garden journal and connect with other garden enthusiasts. BeeSmart and download this one – it’s free!

Bring Life to Your Garden
Have fun out there!
Peggy Anne

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